Yoga is not limited to what we do on the mat. Yoga, when practiced in its true form, functions like a mirror reflecting our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual states. During our 26+2 hot yoga teacher training certification programs we explore not only the physical postures but we also dive deep into all the layers of our being. Now, we invite you in on this experience, too!

Learn new skills. Build awareness. Explore your limitless self. Join us for one (or all!) of our special livestream modules being held during the first half of the New Year. These modules are part of our larger 26+2 hot yoga teacher training but are now open to curious yogis like yourself interested in exploring key yogic topics like basic anatomy, subtle anatomy, yoga history and philosophy, and more! Attending one or more of these modules will help you to more deeply understand the 26+2 series as well as yoga as a 360 experience and a tool of integration that will allow you to see and experience life at a deeper level.

Your livestream module purchase provides you with access to the live session(s) as well as the on-demand recording(s) through June 15th.


Presenter: Erin Frank
Price: $99

Complement your visual and practical understanding of the human body. Watch and listen to 105F’s in-house yoga-anatomy specialist Erin Frank deliver a series of virtual lectures illuminating the significance of articulating anatomy, axial anatomy, and the nervous system in helping understand how the muscles, bones, and joints create the postures, how spinal position affords muscular continuity throughout the 26+2 hot yoga series, and how information flows throughout the body. Your purchase provides you with unlimited access to 5 pre-recorded lectures (11 hours total) through 12/31/21. After your purchase is made, you will be emailed a receipt with your unique access instructions.


Dates/Times: Ayurveda - Saturday, 3/20/21, Pranayama & Vayus - Saturday 4/3/21, Koshas - Saturday, 4/17/21, Chakras - Saturday, 5/15/21, Kriya & Meditation - Sunday, 5/30/21 from 9-11am CST, 1-4pm CST, & 5-8pm CST
Presenters: Gianna Purcell & Kathy Durham
Price: $139 (Day Pass - Choose which session(s) you'd like to attend!)

Explore what makes us tick beyond the physical movements of the body. So much of how we perceive yoga are mere gateways into what yoga allows us to experience more completely. Go beyond the physical and dive deep into the studies of Ayurveda, Pranayama, Vayus, Koshas, Mudras, Chakras, Kriya, and Meditation.


Dates/Times: Sunday, 6/6/21 & Sunday, 6/13/21 from 9am-12pm CST & 2-4pm CST
Presenters: Gianna Purcell & Erin Frank
Price: $179

Survey overarching theories of yoga. Dive into the origin of the 26+2 practice and where modern postural yoga was born, where we get our theory for practicing, and how to live a yogic life -- intellectualizing where we were, where we currently are, and where we are going.


Date/Time: Sunday, June 20th from 1-3pm CST
Presenters: John Marcoux & Mike Lewis
Price $30

Take a straight look into the yoga business opportunities available to a certified yoga teacher. Mike Lewis and John Marcoux, co-founders of 105F for nearly 20 years, will cover basic teaching employment, management considerations, and studio ownership concerns, using success/fail stories and aiming toward win-win scenarios. This session is ideal for aspiring or certified yoga teachers and yoga studio managers/owners.


Date/Time: Sunday, June 27th from 1-3pm CST
Presenter: John Marcoux
Price: $30

This feel-good presentation led by John Marcoux is intended to boost your mind and overall health! In this modern era — amid an avalanche of information, a pandemic, and an abundance of adversarial energies — you are hardly alone. Like software bugs, “cognitive traps” run in your brain’s background and insidiously diminish your mental, physical, and spiritual health. Learn what the world’s foremost psychologists have proven: how these traps ensnare you and how to adjust your mental posture to escape them.

Certified teachers registered with Yoga Alliance or Original Hot Yoga Association may receive continuing education credits for their attendance and participation. Special discounts apply for 105F Teacher Training Graduates and Hot Yoga Studio Owners -- please reach out to info@105F.com to learn more.

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