Ukraine Relief Smart 60 Donation Class

Practice a Smart 60 Hot Yoga Class with Mike and help raise money for Ukraine.


Thursday, March 31st at 6pm at our Wicker Park studio (1344 N. Milwaukee Ave.)

Suggested Donation: $25 (or whatever you'd like to give)


105F student & UYCO board member, Daniel Marushka


UYCO supplies ready to ship to Ukraine & Poland

Take a Smart 60 Hot Yoga Class with Mike Lewis and help 105F raise money for Ukraine.
Your donations will go directly towards Ukrainian Youth Camping Organization (UYCO)—to get aid to the front lines.  
UYCO is a 501c3 not-for-profit that works directly with local people on the ground in Poland and Ukraine. Since the onset of the war 3 weeks ago, they’ve already made 3+ successful deliveries of desperately needed supplies like warm clothes and medical kits for the Ukrainian people. 
We are teaming up with loyal 105F student and UYCO board member — Daniel Marushka — to organize this fundraiser class.  Daniel is a second-generation Ukrainian-American and has been deeply affected by the war, as many of his family and friends live in Ukraine.
Please be sure to pre-register for this class with your donation amount (suggested donation for this class is $25 but any amount is welcome).  If you cannot attend this class, you may still donate….  just pop by the front desk at any of our three studio locations or sign up for class online with your donation amount.  You may also use your regular membership or class pack to attend.  Even if you aren’t able to give, we appreciate your presence, energy and support of the Ukrainian people—who need our thoughts and prayers in addition to our funds.

Requested with GRATITUDE and LOVE.