Delamora Sound Meditation

with Marian and Gabriela Kraus

Friday, June 8th

105F South Loop (47 W Polk Street, upstairs)

7-8:30pm (please arrive no later than 6:45pm)

$35 advance registration; $40 day of


The couple’s meditative and transformational experience is a psycho-acoustic gateway to elevate individuals’ vibratory frequency and thereby reach higher states of conscious awareness.  This sound immersion will untangle your mind and create an invigorating entry point to a re-tuning and re-balancing of mind and body like no other. Also known as a gong bath, the sound bath experience will transform your state of being for you to walk away completely refreshed and recharged.

The three stages of the event are:

  • 1st segment – Participants receive an outline of sound therapy and history of the gongs, followed by a description of how the upcoming meditation and sound session work together to facilitate a transformation, evolution and healing experience within the conscious mind.
  • 2nd segment – A carefully chosen guided meditation, or mindfulness meditation, primes the subconscious mind to transition into the essential personal transformation experience brought on by the healing sounds in the…
  • 3rd segment – Following the guided meditation guests are immersed in a bubble of ancestral and otherworldly sounds generated by gongs, one of man’s oldest therapeutic instruments. The couple’s sound space envelopes one in a uniquely rhythmic, melodic and pleasing fashion. The gong’s vibrational and sonic characteristics deeply resonate all 50 – 75 trillion cells of the body, and energize and relax simultaneously in a most powerful and unique way.

Combined, these powerful elements facilitate a change in one’s nature of being and potentially restore an intrinsic state of inner balance, homeostasis.  The only requirement is to bring an open mind, wear comfortable clothing, and come with a pillow and blanket to cover up. Experience a guided relaxation meditation coupled with strong sound healing elements of gongs and bowls at its finest.