Delamora Transformational Experiences

As this pandemic continues to cause anxiety, fear, disruption, and personal hardships for many, it amplifies the conditions which compromise the body's immune system. Marian and Gabriella Kraus of Delamora Transformational Experiences present a series of livestream guided gong meditations intended to alleviate these adverse conditions by shifting the mindset to courage, optimism, resilience, and new vistas. Reset and replenish your entire system with positive vibes, joy, and optimism during these virtual sound baths, amplified by the rich sounds of three large gongs, singing bowls, chimes, and other sound tools.

$21 per session
(pre-registration required)

You will be viewing each sound bath event through your regular internet/web browser (there is no specific app you need to download). You will receive confirmation of registration upon booking and please be sure to review the tech-related FAQs listed HERE before the event. 20 minutes before the gong meditation begins we email you the info you need (website link and password) to access the event. Additionally, a high quality recording of each gong meditation will be available to you 48 hours after each event.

“Joining Marian and Gabriella, even on a virtual basis, feels like a small step toward returning to ‘normal’. Their discussion, guided meditation and gong sound therapy is so helpful and therapeutic in these trying times...” -- Erik O.


Saturday, May 1st from 7-8pm CST

The ability to reset and regain composure and inner strength are essential for charging up and getting out of a funk. Find your POWER. Tune in to this guided sound meditation and learn insights and tips on how to be resilient and strong.


Thursday, May 6th from 7-8pm CST

Feel yourself breathing. Feel your heart beating. Feel your mind filling with emotions and ideas. Feel your body moving. What could be stronger than being alive? It’s the very essence of our being. It is the foundation of everything. Being ALIVE is a true gift and miracle! Join us for this guided sound bath meditation - let's celebrate life together!


Saturday, May 15th from 7-8pm CST

An abundant life is filled with joy, strength, happiness, and love. Abundance starts from within and spreads outward. Tune in to this guided gong meditation and learn how to claim abundance in every area of your life.


Thursday, May 20th from 7-8pm CST

Complete focus and immersion + consciously aware of the task at hand + proceeding with a smooth continuity + keeping obstacles or hindrances at a minimum = flow state. Join in on this guided gong meditation and learn how to feel the FLOW.


Saturday May 29th from 7-8pm CST

The ability to reduce noise, quiet the brain and body, and mindfully create calm has become an indispensable antidote to obtain and maintain a healthy balance. Tune in to this guided sound bath meditation and learn viewpoints and practices for reaching STILLNESS within.