When: Sunday, May 24th from 2-3:30pm

Where: Livestream via Zoom

Price: FREE for active members; $12 for everyone else

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Who: Presented by John Marcoux, 105F co-founder and instructor


John Marcoux,
105F co-founder and instructor

You have a mind. ?
You have an adversary, COVID-19. ?
Your mind now strikes adversarial postures to fight the virus. ?
That’s great for your physical survival! ?
But maybe not so great for your mental state. ?

Science has proven how the adversarial mind is notoriously susceptible to specific cognitive traps that demoralize you.  That means it’s not enough to merely fight the virus; you must also protect your mind from the traps encountered during the fight.  This presentation shows you where the adversarial traps are, how they work, how to escape them, and how to avoid them.  Heed the CDC guidelines for biological prudence; Learn these guidelines for psychological prudence.

This livestream address is adapted from the Mindfulness presentations and workshops that John has been presenting to law firms, corporations, schools, and yogis since 2015.  Twenty-five years of lawyering have made him familiar with the adversarial traps; twenty years of yoga and meditation have afforded him the agility to elude those traps; and practicing the empirically-validated escape techniques has inspired him to guide fellow adventurers out of those traps, away from unnecessary suffering, and toward higher creativity, performance, and living!