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Melissa Lagalo


Mel walked into her first Bikram class seven years ago with a knee injury caused from many years of running.  She was looking for a workout that wasn't going to further injure her joints, and discovered a class that made her a much better version of herself.  The mental and physical strength gained through her practice elevated her personal and professional life that she decided to become a teacher in 2010. “Don't sweat the small stuff" is the strongest lesson Bikram yoga has taught her.  Mel teaches with the idea to inspire people to live better. She hopes that her mindful yet energetic class will help eliminate that nasty word "can't" from your practice...and your life! Mel continually stresses that we all CAN do hot yoga -- and if there is ever a day that is in question, you can count on her to be there with some encouraging words and a big, sweaty post-class hug.

"“Don't sweat the small stuff"