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Jenna Abraham


Jenna attributes her personal growth and aspirations to her yogic journey.  Growing up in a family that valued health and nutrition, she always knew her place in the world would be among like-minded individuals. Upon graduating from DePaul University as a philosophy major, she actively philosophized about what path would connect her curiosity of life with her admiration of physical well-being.  Jenna walked into her first yoga class six years ago and has since dedicated herself to the practice that brought clarity and healing to all areas of her life. In 2014 she completed her Power Yoga certification and taught at the Langham hotel, John Hancock, and other Chicagoland fitness centers.  Meanwhile, she maintained her practice in the original Bikram sequence.  In 2016, she certified with 105F to teach the 26+2 hot yoga classes.  Not long after that, she attended another intensive training of 120 hours that accredited her to teach the Next Level 90 hot yoga classes.  Jenna enjoys sharing her passion for yoga on and off the mat.  Jenna  offers private lessons in addition to teaching at 105F. She loves to share her knowledge of the postures with those looking to restore themselves physically because that's where it all started for her.