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Conni Howes


Stressed and miserable from her business travels and corporate career, Conni -- who initially disparaged yoga as "yoga schmoga" -- reluctantly took a friend’s suggestion and attended a yoga class at a health club in 2001.  She instantly decided she wanted to attend again (it helped that the male students were so attractive) and discovered she was born to rock a bow pose. Three weeks later, Conni found herself among 105F’s first students in 2001 at the Wicker Park studio.  She was soon taking regular classes from Mike and John and loved both the educational and social offerings of the studio.     Ultimately, a pivotal personal event moved her to do something meaningful to help others, so she certified as a Bikram Instructor in Spring 2003.  All these years later,  Conni considers herself privileged to witness her student's physical, spiritual, and emotional evolutions. But her daily delight remains balancing on one leg to put on each sock and shoe.