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Claire Savage


Claire took her first yoga class in 2010. As someone who had always participated in competitive sports such as basketball, volleyball and soccer, she was not expecting yoga to be 'her thing' and thought that her first class would also be her last.  Wrong.  Claire was surprised at how physically and mentally challenging the yoga was and how good she felt after class.  "I can't say it was love at first sight," she admits, "but I went back the next day, and the next until my 6am yoga practice became an integral (and favorite) part of my daily routine. It's always a better day when I start it with yoga."   Claire went to Teacher Training in 2014 as a way to learn more about the yoga and herself.  She now teaches part-time and can usually be found at Lincoln Park practicing the 6am before heading to her office where she works as a consultant.  When not doing yoga, Claire flies high between trapeze grabs, runs up a trampoline wall, and searches out the best donut in Chicago.  Yoga for Claire is an important part of a balanced life.

"I am proud of anybody that walks into the yoga room: that's the hard part. Life is busy and it's not always easy to get to class. So anyone that walks through the door and commits to taking time for their own practice and self care, that's awesome. After that point, it’s just you and your yoga; do what you can with what you have on any given day and that's all you need. "