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Blanca took her first yoga class in 2006 with a private instructor, practicing Vinyasa Ashtanga Yoga continued her practice for two years. In 2011 Blanca, stepped into a Bikram yoga class when she didn't like it at first but later fell in love with it so much she became a Bikram Teacher in the Spring of 2012 5 weeks of intense training. Blanca focused in the 26&2 sequence for 4 years doing workshops, or working close with mentors. Allowing herself to be a student learning the anatomy, and the sequence. This created more hunger for knowledge, Blanca continued her yoga education In spring of 2015 Blanca got certified to teach Yin Yoga 50YRT. In 2015 Blanca met her teacher Jared McCann went to Jared McCann Vinyasa was certified with 200YRT in of Spring of 2017. Blanca continues her studies of yoga philosophy and asana alignment with her teacher Jared McCann learning about all the limbs of yoga. Blanca continues to do workshops whether it's ashtanga, kundalini, you'll find Blanca doing some kind of workshop. Blanca is also certified in Rocket Vinyasa 50hrs and Nidra Yoga 50YRT.