Kevin Burrows

Kevin was introduced to yoga in an unlikely setting: A legendary tavern in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood. The bar owner, an old friend and regular at 105F in Wicker Park brought Kevin to yoga on December 31, 2002. From the first class, the exhilaration from such a total body workout had him hooked and he began replacing ales with asanas, and developing a regular practice of 3-4 times a week and occasionally doing 100 days in a row just for fun. Coming from a practice of Tai Chi Chuan, Kevin enjoyed the structure or regular postures in a specific order.  At first coming just for the physical aspects of yoga, more and more Kevin is drawn to the spiritual side and the peace that comes through practice.  Coming to yoga later in life at 46 years old, he is totally convinced that the health, vitality, and youthfulness he has retained has come from the mind body union in the hot room as the looks at 62 years. A lifelong learner Kevin was excited at 61 years to attend teacher training with 105F with Gianna Purcell and Kathy Durham in the spring of 2018.  Having gained so much from the practice as a teacher Kevin wants to give back, creating an environment for students to explore and go beyond their limits and realize the peace of mind and vitality that is there for anyone who does the practice no matter how young or how old: there is always a place on the mat in the hot room: Yoga will welcome you!

Octavia Hooks

In 2001, Octavia discovered her passion for yoga follows a cesarean twin birth delivery.  To recover from her post-surgery muscle limitations, Octavia took her first Hot Yoga class after the class she was hooked.  In 2016, Octavia enrolled in the 105F teacher training program.  Today, Octavia shares her passion for yoga with the goal of helping individuals to begin and explore self-maintenance practices rooted in yoga philosophies

Paloma Huner

After moving to Chicago in 2014 from Paraguay, Paloma gave yoga a try as a way to stay active and endure winter in the city. She noticed the physical benefits of the practice immediately, feeling relief from sciatica pain. She was inspired to develop a regular practice and with time she became more and more fascinated with what the body can do and its subtleties. Yoga made such an impact in her life, not just physically but mentally as well, that she felt the need to share it with others by becoming a teacher. Paloma completed her 200 hour Hatha teacher training in 2015. Paloma’s style is relaxed and nurturing. She invites you to have fun, feel comfortable on your mat and explore the possibilities.

Erin Ma

Erin took her first yoga class in 2008. Looking for another way to become active, one of her friends suggested Bikram yoga. Immediately Erin fell in love with the practice of yoga with heat. The heat was helpful with focus, stretching and detoxing her body. When Erin became pregnant with her second child she continued the practice at home, missing the heat tremendously. After she had her second daughter she tried many different styles of yoga, exploring different types of hot yoga, Vinaysa, and Yin. After many years of practicing she finally was talked into teacher training for Hot Power Yoga. Immediately after training, she started teaching and Erin realized her calling. For over the past four years Erin not only has taught countless classes but now she is now trained in Vinyasa and Yin Yoga.  Erin is so thankful and joyful to have gone through the journey of yoga. She has grown and deepened her practice as a student while learning to bring the wonderful path of yoga to other students.


Bay Area born, Sacramento raised. Recent California transplant. Briza fell in love with Hot Pilates in 2014. She loved it so much she received her certification a couple of years later. In the summer of 2017 she decided to quit her multiple jobs, pack her bags and move across the country landing her here in the beautiful city of Chicago.  She stumbled into 105F and quickly jumped right into teaching. Briza has always been involved in sports such as Soccer, Volleyball and Taekwondo so you can expect her classes to be challenging yet motivating and all around a good time!


Cindy attended her first class at Bikram Yoga Dallas in September of 2014. After just this initial class, she was outright hooked! She immediately signed up for a membership without thinking twice about it because she knew she would forever be practicing this yoga. Cindy noticed how everything about herself and her life began to change– she noticed improved mental clarity, she gained faith in herself, she learned discipline and focus, she sensed a deeper peace in her life, her skin was glowing, and she literally felt like she was radiating from the inside out.  In 2017 Cindy attended Pure Yoga Institute’s9-week Teacher Training. As an instructor, Cindy is inspired by her students’ discipline, their commitment to this practice, to themselves, and their astonishing transformations. It’s an honor to be able to share this practice with others on a daily basis and to witness yogis on their journeys.

“ In life, you only have to travel 6 inches. That is the distance from your mind to your heart.”


McCullough first stepped into the studio at 105f in January 2017. Working full time as a whole animal butcher and commuting by bike, McCullough came to her first 26 and 2 class looking for a deep stretch and a good sweat (it was January after all). She was instantly hooked, and she found that the more she came back, the more the repetition of postures helped her relax and focus. Mantras such as, “clear your mind” and “connect with your breath,” which had been challenging in her past practices, were suddenly necessary and almost automatic. She first encountered Inferno Hot Pilates one Wednesday at noon, soon after it had been added to the schedule, thinking she was there for a Smart 60. The class was fun, fast paced, and left her sore in places she had totally forgotten about. Soon she was coming back every Wednesday at noon and craving more classes, so when the studio advertised a teacher training this past January she signed right up. Inferno Hot Pilates has helped McCullough recommit to her 26 and 2 practice, and has increased her strength and stamina. She hopes to inspire others to love the burn and to feel the sense of accomplishment that comes at the end of a great Inferno Hot Pilates Class.

Nicole Hager

Nicole started practicing Bikram Yoga in 2008 while she was in graduate school for Opera Performance. She found that yoga offered her a way to connect to her body and her breathing that was incredibly helpful for her singing. Over the years, she stopped going to class from time to time, but always felt the pull of the hot room and she would find herself back in the heat before too long. Around 2014 she realized that a regular practice made her feel more like herself, both mentally and physically. Since then she has worked on making her practice a priority. Nicole attended 105f’s teacher training in the fall of 2017 in her beloved city of Chicago. Nicole also teaches private voice and piano lessons. She feels that teaching is an important part of who she is and she thrives on finding ways to explain difficult concepts in easy to understand terms.


Blanca took her first yoga class in 2006 with a private instructor, practicing Vinyasa Ashtanga Yoga continued her practice for two years. In 2011 Blanca, stepped into a Bikram yoga class when she didn’t like it at first but later fell in love with it so much she became a Bikram Teacher in the Spring of 2012 5 weeks of intense training. Blanca focused in the 26&2 sequence for 4 years doing workshops, or working close with mentors. Allowing herself to be a student learning the anatomy, and the sequence. This created more hunger for knowledge, Blanca continued her yoga education In spring of 2015 Blanca got certified to teach Yin Yoga 50YRT. In 2015 Blanca met her teacher Jared McCann went to Jared McCann Vinyasa was certified with 200YRT in of Spring of 2017. Blanca continues her studies of yoga philosophy and asana alignment with her teacher Jared McCann learning about all the limbs of yoga. Blanca continues to do workshops whether it’s ashtanga, kundalini, you’ll find Blanca doing some kind of workshop. Blanca is also certified in Rocket Vinyasa 50hrs and Nidra Yoga 50YRT.


Kelsey first stepped into a hot yoga studio in 2009 during a snowy winter in Reno, Nevada. Searching for a way to stay warm and relieve stress during a busy year in college, she found the 26+2 practice to be a challenging and much needed solution. She quickly volunteered for the studio work study program in order to continue practicing yoga on a student budget, and it was all downhill from there! She noticed the physical benefits of the postures immediately, feeling relief from many years of wrist and shoulder pain, and she is continually grateful for the emotional benefits as well, experiencing mental clarity and relief from anxiety.

Her enthusiasm for lifelong learning and a strong desire to encourage others to be their best selves led Kelsey to complete an Inferno Hot Pilates teacher training in Northern California in 2015. She believes that whether you’re doing squats or holding Triangle Pose, your time spent in the hot room should be fun! With encouragement from her Chicago yoga family and inspiration to give back to this community, she completed 105F’s 26+2 Teacher Training in Fall 2017. When teaching both yoga and pilates, Kelsey hopes to inspire people to live joyfully and strive to reach their limitless potential.