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Arrive 15 minutes early, well-hydrated and on an empty stomach.  Bring lightweight workout clothing and a change of clothes. Rent or bring your own yoga mat, towel and water bottle.

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Arrive early (because we lock our doors when class begins). The classroom is a sanctuary, so please talk and socialize outside in the lobby. Listen carefully and hear new insights every class.

Original 90


Inferno Hot Pilates


Progressive Hatha


Hot Vinyasa 60




I understand that 105F offers instruction services in yoga, meditation, and high-intensity interval training practiced in classes presented in-person, online, outside, or in a heated room for up to 90-minute durations. I understand that such vigorous physical exercise poses health risks including dizziness, nausea, fainting, dehydration, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, hyponatremia (dangerously low sodium levels), and grave injury. I understand some conditions may compromise my safety while exercising. To maximize my health benefits and minimize my health risks, I am responsible for taking reasonable precautions. Before each class, I will drink plenty of water; refrain from ingesting narcotics, drugs, or alcohol; heed the warnings of any prescribed drugs which are contraindicated for heated environments and vigorous exercise; avoid big meals 2-3 hours before class; avoid class when fasting; disclose potentially compromising injuries or conditions to an instructor; and wear clothes suitable for the increased room heat and increased body heat. During each class, I shall pause to breathe, kneel, sit, lie down, or move to a cool space when my body tells me to do so. I understand that classes require mental as well as physical concentration, so I must participate with focus, always paying attention to teacher instruction and, above all, the dictates of my body. I understand I am responsible for myself and my health. Any lawsuits in contract or tort arising from 105F services shall be adjudicated under Illinois law in an Illinois court. I release 105F and its instructors from liability for injuries arising out of my class participation online, outside, or in-person, arising out of my use of the facilities, or any combination thereof. I agree that 105F may use, re-use, and reproduce my image and likeness in pictures and videos recorded during in-studio or virtually-attended classes.