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Gianna Purcell

Principal Instructor

Aching with back and joint pain, Gianna followed a friend’s recommendation and took her first yoga class and ended two years of sedentary living.  After just a few weeks of practice, her pain dropped; within a year, she was off all medications (ADHD meds, antidepressants and sleeping pills); at two years she began advanced asana training; and by year three she certified as a teacher. Thirsty to know, she went full time studying, teaching and practicing the 26 + 2 series and Ashtanga yoga.  She sees more clearly by the light of her teachers: Mary Jarvis, Emmy Cleaves, and Leslie Kaminoff. Gianna is a Bikram certified teacher, a 500-hour Yoga alliance certified teacher, and teaches meditation, yin and vinyasa in addition to the 26+2 series.
Gianna has competed in international asana championships, placing first regionally and nationally and second internationally.  She currently judges for the USA Yoga Asana Championships. She continues to train to improve both her practice and her teaching. “My goal with competing was never to beat the other yogis. My objective is challenge. In challenging my physical practice, my knowledge of the body and postures greatly improves allowing me to better help my students in their asana and greater yoga journey.”
As 105F’s Principal Instructor, Gianna focuses on sharing information that deepens the understanding of what we teach and how best to teach it. She has guided the realization of 105F’s burgeoning class offerings (Smart 60 and Next Level 90 intermediate series and specialty workshops).  Gianna runs 105F’s teacher development program, 26+2 Teacher Training, intermediate asana class teacher training, advanced classes, and workshops worldwide.

Upcoming Events

March 25 - April 22, 2018
105F Hot Yoga 26+2 Teacher Training
Pura Vida Resort and Spa, Costa Rica




Gianna and her team lead a variety of exercises to improve depth and precision in posture mechanics, visual diagnostics, and verbal cues, with an emphasis on developing a proactive teaching culture among studio colleagues. Detailed 6 hour days typically scheduled over a 4-day intensive weekend.



Between the beginner 26 and the advanced 84 is an approachable intermediate, NextLevel 90 class that introduces salutes, inversions, hip openers and arm balances for students excited to practice hot yoga’s possibilities. This intensive training conveys posture knowledge and teaching language for offering the class to the public. Detailed 6 hour days over a one-week intensive immersion, for existing teachers only.



Having won the Texas, Illinois, and U.S. Nationals Championships, along with a second place performance in the World Championships, Gianna now coaches aspirants, develops training regimens, choreographs routines, and accompanies you to the core of any given posture. Mentorships according to each yogi’s objectives.



Gianna regularly leads and practices the classic 84 advanced series, a broad collection of posture types catering to an advanced yogi. Gianna’s rhythmic pace and attention to detail create an intense environment conducive to deep mental and physical dives. 90-120 minute hot class, for adepts.



Gianna’s vinyasa class centers around one of her personal passions, arm balancing. Learn the basics of lift off with emphasis on hand anatomy and mechanics. 90 minute hot class caters to all levels of practitioners.



To complement the vigorous, yang musculature supporting the disciplines mentioned above, Gianna leads the yin discipline of holding poses with softened muscles. Take this mindful meditation down to a cellular level, slowly increase ranges of motion, stimulate meridians, and emancipate bodily energies. 75 to 90 minute class, practiced in a warm room.