Find Your Flow Workshop

with John Marcoux

Flow into 2020 with energized focus, awareness, clarity, and bliss.

When: Wednesday, January 1st from 2pm - 4pm
Where: 105F Wicker Park (1344 N. Milwaukee Ave.)
Price: $75 in advance or $90 at the door

(pre-registration is strongly encouraged to ensure we can plan workshop materials sufficiently)


Where do you go when you go into your flow? Maybe you don’t know. It could be that you don’t know because “you” vanishes upon entering flow, a phenomenon of unself-consciousness called hypo-ego. Or maybe you just don’t know because you just don’t go—cognitive distractions clog the streams upon which you used to flow. The wise know flow, total mental absorption, being in “the zone,” mentis effusio in toto. This workshop nudges attendees toward the practical wisdom of flow dynamics, clearing flow impediments, and increasing flow likelihood.


Attendees will experience an elementary-school art class for the first 75-90 minutes, playing with your very own, unpainted wooden matryoshka (also known as a russian nesting doll). Mark, draw, color, pull apart, reassemble, leave blank, and philosophize about each layer of the doll as you learn about and practice flow techniques at each of the six layers of yourself: body, breath, consciousness, intuition, spirit, and self.

For most of the final 30 minutes, attendees will close their eyes and follow a guided meditation through their six layers by means of the various flow techniques introduced and practiced during the first hour. Casual debriefing with humor and optimism will propel attendees to flow onward.


John Marcoux
105F Co-Founder

John Marcoux enjoys his 19th year teaching hot yoga, meditation, and mindfulness at 105F.  An attorney and author, he has been presenting these concepts to law firms, corporations, and schools for several years.  This “Find Your Flow” workshop is a practical exploration into your higher mind, a combinatory look at the science of psychological flow and the meditation genre called Yoga Nidra.