Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Workshop

with Jennifer Reis

Saturday, May 19th


South Loop Studio (47 W Polk St)

Attend this 1 1/2 hour workshop with Jennifer Reis, a Kripalu Center faculty member and founder of Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra.

Jennifer will first lecture about how Yoga Nidra systematically leads practitioners through the koshas (physical, energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of being) to arrive at a special zone where you are awake yet dreaming, untangling knots of your deepest Self to increase health and wellness from your inside out.

Then Jennifer will guide one of her renowned Yoga Nidra meditations. Jennifer’s guided journeys are clear, vibrant, and tangible. Your heart’s deepest longing as well as personal images and symbols are invited to arise and incorporate into the practice, making each journey unique and authentic for you. There is nothing required of you but to lie down and listen, giving yourself permission to rest, balance and restore.

Price for this 1 1/2 hour workshop is $35 (or $40 on the day of)