We were all beginners once.

We cater to first timers. Here’s how you do it.


I have met people from different backgrounds and cultures and occasionally swap stories on what brought us to yoga. Those stories inspire me and give me motivation. I never thought that would happen in a yoga studio.


Before my first class, I was walking to the studio thinking, “Wow! It is HOT out here.” By the time I was walking home after class, all I could think was, “What a refreshingly breezy day!” Needless to say, the first few of my classes felt very hot. I enjoyed my first class right away, even though I was pretty nervous and self-conscious. Fortunately, most of the postures came fairly easily and I was excited to do everything, but when it ended, I was still relieved. The second class was definitely harder than the first–perhaps this was because I had a preconception of what the 90 minutes would entail.


Arrive 15 to 30 minutes before class to sign in and settle down. Avoid racing to relax.


Please remove shoes upon arrival. Build your barefoot balance and help us keep the studios clean.


The hot room is a sanctuary for quiet escape and meditation. Please talk and socialize in the lobby.


Tune in to the verbal cues from our instructors. Listen carefully and hear new insights every class.


For hot yoga classes, acclimating to the heat might take you several classes. At first, simply stay in the room to succeed!


Arrive to class well-hydrated. In hot classes, try to wait for the teacher’s signal before taking a sip.


Unplug and focus. Remember to mute your phone when you arrive. Leave your phone outside of the yoga room.


A place for deep breathing, the yoga room should be free of strong odors. No perfume please.