26+2 Comprehensive Class & Workshop

with BridgettAne Goddard

Saturday, January 18th from 9:30 - 11:30am

105F Lincoln Park (2736A N. Clark St., Chicago)

Visiting us all the way from the UK, we are so excited to welcome special guest yogi BridgettAne (BA) Goddard back to her hometown of Chicago to share her passion and love for the 26+2 hot yoga practice with our 105Family!

During this two-hour event, you will be given the opportunity to explore your hot yoga practice in a new light and more deeply understand and appreciate the teachings and methods behind the traditional hot yoga style of practice.

BA’s teachings are filled with humor, compassion, and an eagle eye which will allow you to see a more realistic view of where you’re at and help you understand how to progress more efficiently on your path of continuous exploration and growth. BA will encourage you to have faith in yourself and your abilities and to always practice with an open heart, full of courage and compassion. All levels and abilities are welcome and encouraged to attend.

This Class + Workshop is $40 in advance, ($45 day of)

Originally from Chicago, BridgettAne’s yoga practice began in New York in 1995 but when she walked into Bikram NYC Midtown in 2000, everything began to change. Fascinated with the 26+2 series’ systematic approach and perfect balance between mind and body, Original Hot Yoga became and remains her yoga method of choice. BA relocated to London from NYC in 2007.

Not naturally flexible, BA’s dedication and approach towards developing and maintaining a strong practice enabled her to completely reshape her body and life. BA spent years training intensively and assisting Jason Winn, Mary Jarvis, Emmy Cleaves and Rajashree Choudhury internationally in their workshops and seminars. BA opened her yoga school, Yoga in the Lanes, in Brighton, UK in 2010 and regularly teaches in Brighton and London. Recently invited to sit on the International Federation of Judges for Yoga Sport, BA recently judged the IYSF European Sport Cups in Rome and Bordeaux.