Certify to teach.

Throughout the year and across the world, our team of asana and anatomy experts offer trainings to develop the tools you need to flourish as a teacher.




*includes tuition, accommodations, all meals (3 vegan/vegetarian meals per day), training materials, Original Hot Yoga Association application and initial annual registration fees.

In 300 hours, you will learn to teach the classic 26+2 hot yoga series. Our team of asana and anatomy experts, including Gianna Purcell, Kathy Durham, and Erin Frank will provide you with the tools you need to effectively deliver a precise, informative, and therapeutic class. Alignment, benefits, and language for safely presenting the postures will be covered as well as teaching techniques and methodology, anatomy and physiology, yoga philosophy and ethics, and the business of yoga with practical application.

Currently Accepting Applications for 105F’s ONLY 26+2 Hot Yoga Teacher Training in 2024:

(Your $30 application fee will be credited towards your tuition at the time of enrollment).







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Teacher Training classes and lectures will be held at the breathtaking D’Alijo Retreat Center in Northern Portugal.  D’Alijo is located in the village of Cabeceiras de Basto in the province of Minho with the city of Porto (the second largest city in Portugal) just one hour away.  D’Alijo’s studio and accommodations are cohesively blended with nature — the perfect place to journey inward and learn to teach the 26+2.


Accommodations and Pricing

Sprawling across twelve acres of land, the D’Alijo Retreat Center consists of the main house which offers five bedrooms, kitchen, and restaurant. Additional accommodations of beautifully designed wooden chalet style rooms and cabins are spread across the property. All rooms have outside verandas and large terraces that offer undisturbed views of the breathtaking area and premises. Other D’Alijo amenities include: a swimming pool, a peaceful meditation cave, garden, massage/healing services, and so much more.

Teacher Training pricing starts at $7,489 USD. EARLY BIRD RATES ARE LISTED BELOW AND ARE VALID THROUGH 12/31/2023 (prices increase by $200 on 1/1/2024).


Main House
(shared room / private bathroom)

Double Occupancy: $7,489


River Cabin
(shared or private room / private bathroom)

Double Occupancy: $7,489

Single Occupancy: $8,599


Mountain Chalet
(private room / shared bathroom / shared living area)

Single Occupancy: $7,999


Luxury Chalet
(private room / private bathroom / private living area / garden views)

Single Occupancy: $9,199

Double Occupancy: $7,899



7am: 26+2 Asana Practice
8:30am: Break for Breakfast/Study Time
9:30am: Posture Breakdown, Practicum
12:30pm: Break for Lunch/Study Time
1:30pm: Philosophy, Anatomy and Physiology, Teaching Methodology
4pm: 26+2 Asana Practice
5:30pm: Break for Dinner/Study Time
7:30pm: Ethics, Teaching Techniques, Lifestyle for Yoga Teachers, Business of Yoga
9:30pm: Break for Rest of the Night


7am: 26+2 Asana Practice
8:30am: Break for Breakfast/Study Time
9:30am: Posture Clinic, Practicum
12:30pm: Break for Lunch/Study Time
1:30pm: Optional Help Session
3pm: Break for Dinner/Rest of the Night

Where I live, 95% of the people teaching Bikram are certified by Bikram himself. When I knew that wasn't the direction I wanted to take, I put a lot of time and effort into research and soul searching to decide who I would train with.

From the start, 105F was a front runner. The second I got on the phone with Kiley I knew something special was going on with this group. Even more, she made me feel like I was the missing piece. It wasn't a sales pitch. After 30 minutes on the phone with her, we knew each other a little. She had a feeling I would be just right for the training and thoughtfully shared with me why the training might be just right for me.

I wasn't even sure I wanted to teach on the day I left for Ormond Beach. I joined the 2019 class purely on intuition. I felt like there was something I needed there. Listening to that voice has paid off every day since.

I'm 36 yrs old. I've been through a few things. Not everything. But a few things. This training was by far the most mentally, physically, and spiritually challenging thing I have ever been through. That's what makes it so special. That's why it's got something that I don't believe every training has. It's rare to find the perfect balance of push and support, of sternness (that's for you G) and tenderness, but that's what's here, that's what is provided for trainees, every step of the way.

You want a straight review of the 105F training? Five stars. Dialogue, check. Posture breakdown, check. Anatomy, check. Asana instruction, check. Yoga history, check. All that stuff is there, and it's given to you in full by the best. Gianna Purcell, Kathy Durham, Erin Frank, Kiley Enmark. These women are wise, strong, nurturing, experienced, and here to give. They believe in all that yoga is and all that it can be. They live it by bravely embracing their humanity and inviting others to do the same. Each one on their own is a force. Together, they are magic.

These women. These women, and special guests, and your fellow trainees, and, YOU. That's what makes this training. You can't know all this experience has to give before you get there. You have to go, to get it.

I hope you do go. And I hope somewhere along the way, I'll get to meet you, and hear about it, and maybe I'll share a little of my story as well. Cause we'll be family then--we'll be linked, inextricably, because of this great thing we took a chance on. This thing makes our world bigger--it makes us believe in ourselves, and in each other. It's a great thing. It's a yoga teacher training, and it's so much more. You should go. I really hope you go.

-Cat Bradley, 105F 26+2 Hot Yoga Teacher Training Class of 2019


Posture Clinic:

Starts Trainees in speaking the 105F Dialogue, in how to guide others through the set-up, action, and exit of each of the 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises.  Interspersed feedback will identify effective usage of language and cues.  Starting slow and simple, isolating one pose at a time, Posture Clinics gradually progress into sequences of multiple posture presentation.  Skill objectives include: competent understanding of posture language and mechanics, confidence in public speaking and teaching, and constructive giving and receiving of feedback.


Logically extends the Posture Clinic into preparations for teaching a full, live class.  Trainee will start by teaching one posture at a time and then will string postures together by groups (balancing series, spine-strengthening series) in order to calibrate verbal speed, pose spacing, and class timing.  Skill objectives include: proper voice projection, real-time corrections, non-reactive teaching techniques, and efficient language.

Teaching Methodology:

Delves into key principles and methods to help achieve maximum results with students. Skill objectives include: posture and series continuity, dialogue dissection, mapping your class, feedback philosophy, and didactic responsibilities.

Teaching Techniques:

Trainee will identify particular scenarios for addressing individual student potentials and limitations, moving through the room while teaching, prepping students before class, debriefing students after class, and using psychology, humor and stories to convey points.

Anatomy and Physiology:

Complements Trainees’ visual and practical understanding of the human body.  A series of lectures will illuminate the significance of articulating anatomy, axial anatomy, and the nervous system in helping understand how the muscles, bones, and joints create the postures, how spinal position affords muscular continuity throughout the series, and how information flows throughout the body.

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle, and Ethics:

Surveys overarching theories underpinning yoga and consonant responsibilities of yoga teachers.  Yoga Nidra philosophy and meditation techniques are showcased with supporting review of Raja Yoga, the Signs of Samadhi, and Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

Business of Yoga:

Takes a straight look into the yoga business opportunities available to a certified yoga teacher.  Basic teaching employment, management considerations, and studio ownership concerns will be presented with success/fail comparisons and eye toward win-win scenarios.

OHYA Endorsed TT seal



Gianna Purcell

Gianna is an international yoga teacher, traveling around the world leading workshops, trainings, retreats, and classes. As a broken gymnast, her first passion was healing her herniations and intense joint pain. As an asana champion her passion was training and discovering different modalities and techniques to help achieve deeper shapes and perspectives. As a motorcycle accident survivor her passion was living and integrated yoga into every aspect of her being no matter the present life state. As a yogini devoted to practice, her passion is to share yoga as an adaptogen; a healing modality willing to meet you where you are.

Gianna is a USA National Yoga Asana Champion, a Bikram Yoga Certified teacher, an Ashtanga/Vinyasa E-RYT 500 hour certified teacher, a certified death doula, a continuing education provider, and is currently continuing her studies in Ayurvedic Medicine.


Kathy Durham

Kathy’s interest in yoga began as a personal mission to heal her daily battle with anxiety and depression without using medication. She was invited to a Bikram Yoga class in 2004 where she embarked on a life long journey to wellness. From the first breath, she found security, freedom, relief, and support. Bikram Yoga Teacher Training soon followed in the Spring of 2005. This channeled a new radiant being to emerge and blossom in the years to come. She walked out more confident, more energetic, more alive and more true to herself.


Erin Frank

Erin is a Bikram certified teacher (2011), a Yoga Alliance E-200 RYT, a level 2 OHYA teacher, and earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree with honors in 2022. She is beginning her clinical career in the specialty of Pelvic Floor. It is an aspect of physical therapy that is under utilized, but also one that shares many aspects of yoga practice: mind-body awareness, coordination, breathwork, and bringing together numerous body systems. In addition to her role at a Physical Therapist, Erin teaches hot yoga in Austin and leads the anatomy and yoga history courses for our 105F 26+2 Hot Yoga Teacher Trainings. Erin’s aim is to help spread the empowering aspects of yoga to help people from all walks of life move and live with more ease.

While we celebrate all walks of life, we do offer a scholarship for BIPOC LGBTQ people. If you are a member of these communities and would like to apply, please email teachertraining@105F.com to learn more