Hot classics.

Warm challenges.

We offer a variety of yoga classes to meet your every need.
Hot or not hot, we’ve got a class for you.

Why So Hot?

The heat softens the muscles of even the stiffest beginners, improves vascular performance, relieves chronic discomfort, assists detoxification, promotes weight loss and deepens sleep.

We offer a variety of classes hot and not

to help you stretch and reach for happy.



We offer four types of hot classes designed to soften the stiffest muscles, improve vascular performance and relieve chronic discomfort.  All humans should try our Original 90 and Smart 60 classics that follow the same series of beginner poses at different tempos.  Inferno Hot Pilates chal­leng­es you whole body to a low impact, high inten­sity work­out that strength­ens mus­cles and burns fat with­out pound­ing the joints. Hot Vinyasa 60 aligns breath with movement so you can flow through a dynamic series of vitality-stimulating poses.



We offer three warm classes. Yin 60 & 75 perfectly complement our yang traditional hot yoga classes — slow, deep, passive stretches into the ligaments and joints to relax and restore. Rocket Vinyasa 75, an Ashtanga-based class, heats you up from the inside out by moving through Sun Salutations and sequenced poses with an emphasis on arm and core strength.  Progressive Hatha patiently builds on a theme, gradually warming specific areas and culminating in finales that inspire the fullest degrees of expression.