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Mia Ramirez


Since the age of 15, Mia has been influenced by yoga. Mia’s practice began in 2011 at 105F's South Loop studio. As a way to spend more quality time with one another Mia, her older sister, and their mother started practicing together. Since then, Mia knew she wanted to learn more about the practice, the philosophy, the teachings, and everything in between! When she finished high school, Mia attended her nine-week 26+2 hot yoga teacher training in Los Angeles. Naturally a shy girl, it took Mia some time to feel comfortable on the podium, but that didn’t stop her! She would eventually move to New Orleans in 2016 to start her teaching career and has been teaching ever since. It was also in New Orleans where she discovered the balancing practice of Yin Yoga. She will tell you herself “ I knew nothing about yoga, meditation.. or even LIFE, until Yin was brought to my life!” And by 2018, she would travel to Virginia to attend her first Yin teacher training. To Mia yoga will always be a source of light. Mia’s style of teaching focuses on remaining in the present moment, building self awareness, and applying your best effort (whatever that may be for the day).