Hot Pilates



McCullough first stepped into the studio at 105f in January 2017. Working full time as a whole animal butcher and commuting by bike, McCullough came to her first 26 and 2 class looking for a deep stretch and a good sweat (it was January after all). She was instantly hooked, and she found that the more she came back, the more the repetition of postures helped her relax and focus. Mantras such as, "clear your mind" and "connect with your breath," which had been challenging in her past practices, were suddenly necessary and almost automatic. She first encountered Inferno Hot Pilates one Wednesday at noon, soon after it had been added to the schedule, thinking she was there for a Smart 60. The class was fun, fast paced, and left her sore in places she had totally forgotten about. Soon she was coming back every Wednesday at noon and craving more classes, so when the studio advertised a teacher training this past January she signed right up. Inferno Hot Pilates has helped McCullough recommit to her 26 and 2 practice, and has increased her strength and stamina. She hopes to inspire others to love the burn and to feel the sense of accomplishment that comes at the end of a great Inferno Hot Pilates Class.