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Kristen Kruchowski


Kristen walked into her first hot yoga class at 105F in 2011, initially only looking for a good workout replacement to the running she’d been doing and something easier on her joints than pole vaulting was in her collegiate days. She got her ‘good workout’ and eventually found so much more. The benefits extended far beyond the physical. After adhering to an almost daily practice for years, Kristen decided it was time to give back and share all the amazing benefits she’s received from this practice. She headed to Costa Rica in 2017 and completed her 250 hour yoga alliance certification. As a teacher, Kristen is open and understanding, realizing we are all coming from different places in our lives. She holds space for her students to reach their highest potential in whatever form it may take in class that day. Daily practice has helped Kristen in her career as an actor to be more clear, present, and in the moment.