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Kevin Burrows


Kevin was introduced to yoga in an unlikely setting: A legendary tavern in Chicago's Bucktown neighborhood. The bar owner, an old friend and regular at 105F in Wicker Park brought Kevin to yoga on December 31, 2002. From the first class, the exhilaration from such a total body workout had him hooked and he began replacing ales with asanas, and developing a regular practice of 3-4 times a week and occasionally doing 100 days in a row just for fun. Coming from a practice of Tai Chi Chuan, Kevin enjoyed the structure or regular postures in a specific order.  At first coming just for the physical aspects of yoga, more and more Kevin is drawn to the spiritual side and the peace that comes through practice.  Coming to yoga later in life at 46 years old, he is totally convinced that the health, vitality, and youthfulness he has retained has come from the mind body union in the hot room as the looks at 62 years. A lifelong learner Kevin was excited at 61 years to attend teacher training with 105F with Gianna Purcell and Kathy Durham in the spring of 2018.  Having gained so much from the practice as a teacher Kevin wants to give back, creating an environment for students to explore and go beyond their limits and realize the peace of mind and vitality that is there for anyone who does the practice no matter how young or how old: there is always a place on the mat in the hot room: Yoga will welcome you!