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Kelsey first stepped into a hot yoga studio in 2009 during a snowy winter in Reno, Nevada. Searching for a way to stay warm and relieve stress during a busy year in college, she found the 26+2 practice to be a challenging and much needed solution. She quickly volunteered for the studio work study program in order to continue practicing yoga on a student budget, and it was all downhill from there! She noticed the physical benefits of the postures immediately, feeling relief from many years of wrist and shoulder pain, and she is continually grateful for the emotional benefits as well, experiencing mental clarity and relief from anxiety. Her enthusiasm for lifelong learning and a strong desire to encourage others to be their best selves led Kelsey to complete an Inferno Hot Pilates teacher training in Northern California in 2015. She believes that whether you’re doing squats or holding Triangle Pose, your time spent in the hot room should be fun! With encouragement from her Chicago yoga family and inspiration to give back to this community, she completed 105F’s 26+2 Teacher Training in Fall 2017. When teaching both yoga and pilates, Kelsey hopes to inspire people to live joyfully and strive to reach their limitless potential.