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Jon Sulik

Lincoln Park Manager

In 2005, Jon’s sister took him to his first class at Wicker Park 105F.  After a humbling 90 minutes (and after sitting out more than half the class), he had no idea what hit him.  Roughly one year later, he made it in for his second class.  Having just transitioned from a very physical to a very sedentary line of work, Jon noticed the class called for the hard work and sweat he’d been associating with useful endeavors.  He couldn’t get enough!  Gradually, the daily jolt of vitality led to a deeper awareness of how the body works and an understanding of how habits can affect his practice.   After moving and changing jobs, the yoga stuck. No matter where he traveled all over the world, there was always a Bikram studio to go to--each with qualities both unique and universal. Jon attended teacher training, and soon thereafter, trained competitively to refine posture mechanics and a sense of the broader virtues: stillness, breath, economy of movement, self acceptance, and through all of those things, self- actualization.