Erin Ma


Erin took her first yoga class in 2008. Looking for another way to become active, one of her friends suggested Bikram yoga. Immediately Erin fell in love with the practice of yoga with heat. The heat was helpful with focus, stretching and detoxing her body. When Erin became pregnant with her second child she continued the practice at home, missing the heat tremendously. After she had her second daughter she tried many different styles of yoga, exploring different types of hot yoga, Vinaysa, and Yin. After many years of practicing she finally was talked into teacher training for Hot Power Yoga. Immediately after training, she started teaching and Erin realized her calling. For over the past four years Erin not only has taught countless classes but now she is now trained in Vinyasa and Yin Yoga.  Erin is so thankful and joyful to have gone through the journey of yoga. She has grown and deepened her practice as a student while learning to bring the wonderful path of yoga to other students.