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Elizabeth Birnkrant


Elizabeth was introduced to yoga in 2003, and experienced immediate physical and mental benefits. Practicing on her own and dropping into multiple studios felt unfulfilling, though, and it wasn’t until a close friend recommended taking class at 105F that she found a style of instruction and a posture series that fostered regular, disciplined practice.  She fell in love with the Original 90 class, and with the extraordinary peace of mind, sense of calm, and increased strength and physical well-being that resulted from regular practice.  Elizabeth completed yoga teacher training in 2013 and has been teaching ever since. She is a native New Yorker, and is also an actor, and finds that regular yoga practice is an invaluable tool for increasing her capacity to be aware and alive in her body and to stay focused and present on stage.  Elizabeth’s favorite aspect of teaching is the inclusivity of the practice and of the yoga community: the studios are homes to students of all ages, genders, health levels, and body types, and all benefit in their own ways from the practice.