James Davis

After years of fair weather workout commitment, James began practicing yoga in 2005 finding a daily practice that not only improved his waistline but also helped manage chronic pain, increased his self confidence and overall determination, helped him manage stress, and always left him feeling better afterwards than when he started. After 11 years of enjoying both the physical and mental benefits of the yoga, James attended Teacher Training in Spring 2016 and is enthusiastic to continue his teaching career with 105f so as to help others realize the potential of this tremendous practice. Later in 2016, James began certification with Inferno Hot Pilates. Although a traditional mat pilates practitioner since 2011, he took his first Inferno class at training and it was love at first drop of sweat to the mat. It’s now a class he loves to teach as much as practice — come find out why!

Logan Evangelista
Logan attended her first hot yoga class for some fun and to try out something new in her workout routine. The practice quickly became one of the most important parts of her life. Her practice has transformed her into a better person towards the people she loves and has taught her how to love and care for herself. Passing this gift of a better life and better Self on to her students and fellow yogis is an honor.
“If you would stop and notice that we number everyday, but allow the many moments left uncounted to slip away.”
Kristen Kruchowski

Kristen walked into her first hot yoga class at 105F in 2011, initially only looking for a good workout replacement to the running she’d been doing and something easier on her joints than pole vaulting was in her collegiate days. She got her ‘good workout’ and eventually found so much more. The benefits extended far beyond the physical. After adhering to an almost daily practice for years, Kristen decided it was time to give back and share all the amazing benefits she’s received from this practice. She headed to Costa Rica in 2017 and completed her 250 hour yoga alliance certification. As a teacher, Kristen is open and understanding, realizing we are all coming from different places in our lives. She holds space for her students to reach their highest potential in whatever form it may take in class that day. Daily practice has helped Kristen in her career as an actor to be more clear, present, and in the moment.

Jessica Warren

Jessica walked into her first hot yoga class at the Lincoln Park 105F Studio in 2008 looking for relief from chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain from hours and hours of playing the flute. She found it and was instantly hooked! She completed her 250 hour training in Costa Rica in 2016 with 105F. Her goal as a yoga teacher is to help her students find the path to doing what they love without pain, to release the body through breath, and to always learn from her students and from what life throws her way.

Libby Cox
Lizzie Vanderhoof

Hailing from a small town in Missouri, Lizzie stepped into the hot room in January of 2008. She started this endless journey struggling with weight and body image issues, anxiety and panic attacks, and is living proof of the healing benefits of Bikram for both the body and the mind. Teacher training in the spring of 2013 deepened her understand of the postures and the body, and her love of the practice, and she is determined to share her passion, energy and genuine love of yoga with you. Lizzie also bartends, plays guitar, sings, acts on occasion, cooks really edible food, rides her bike every chance she can and has two cats, Mr. Excitement and Ling Ling, who haven’t tried the yoga but are huge fans of stretching.

Erin Frank
Kathy Durham

Kathy attended her first Bikram Yoga class in September 2004. All of her buried anxiety, frustration, depression, and suffering began to melt away with the first deep inhale and exhale. Eagerly supported by her partner, family, friends, and teachers, her first class quickly turned into 10 classes, 1 month became 3 months, and soon training seemed inevitable as she found the remedy to feel energized, confident, and on her way to feeling whole once again.
For more than 10 years, Kathy has focused tremendous effort and energy on understanding every part of her personal practice. Actively training and competing regionally and nationally allowed her to gather insight from all perspectives of teachers, coaches, and mentors.

Jenny Fox
Rena Dossiea

Although her first class was almost her last class, as Rena left the studio without any intentions of returning, the teacher said “See you tomorrow,” and sure enough, she was back the next day! Call it magic, or a serendipitous intervention, but Rena is grateful for yoga being brought into her life over 12 years ago! Throughout her 10 years of teaching various kinds of yoga, and over four years of teaching Bikram, she has learned that yoga is for everyone, and everyone gets something a little different out of the 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. Rena has been all over the world teaching, and has seen that yoga is truly universally beneficial!