Challenger towels are in! Please note, we have 2 different towels– one is orange with the 3 logos from A’ville and North Shore on it, and the other is red with just our logo on it. PLEASE USE UP ORANGE TOWELS FIRST before you start into the red! 🙂 That way we will have the red towels to use for the next challenge we do. Below I have attached a list of all the challengers who have either finished, or are on track to finish their challenge.

Here is a list of those who have either finished, or on track to finish 30 in 30:

Lebrun, Laura
Kelley, Melissa
Ford, Jason
Huzior, Urszula
Holecek, Jessica
Scharon, Cat
Hurley, Bruce
Napadov, Gary
Schwartz, Katherine
Vanderhoof, Lizzie
Menacher, Matthew
Hurst, Nancy
Nagahata, Hiroko
Gallegos, Ray
Lambros, Heidi
Arnold, Katinka
Hill, Nicole E
Rodgers, Khortni
Holleb, Tom
Daniels, Karen
Pena, Lauren
Chippi, Erica
Togashi, Kellie
Elliott, Roosevelt
Kawamoto, Jayson
Clancy, Mary
Aceves, Jazmin
Mccay, Tom
Lippiatt, Kim
Robbins, Heather
Simon, Jennifer S.
Campoverde, Martin
Stanley, Ava
Collias, Nicole
Murray, Sarah
Rose, Melissa
Lafferty, Konya
Johnson, Alice
Bashneva, Marina
Gibson, Kara
Reed Jr, Karmichael
Cafarelli, Mary
Stachelski, Sarah
Savage, Claire
Moreno, Jose
Regalado, Leslie Ann
Kinsella, Gene
Linn, Katie
Etter, Fred
Sundaram, Latha
Thoms, Sandy
Rempa, Juliet

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